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Marriner gets it bang on, booking Ramires for diving
Mark Lawrenson, Ex Liverpool
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Ramires flops to the floor under absolutely no contact from Michael Keane
BBC Sport
Adnan Januzaj is booked for diving in the box. He went on an excellent run, infield from the left, before falling over. That looks a fair decision from Chris Foy.
The Telegraph
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When the watches were discovered, he said they were a gift from an unnamed friend
Nick Harris - Daily Mail
Source : Daily Mail
Rummenigge received two Rolex watches worth £84,000 on a trip to Qatar
Nick Harris - Daily Mail
Source : Daily Mail
Referee Lannoy has a quick word with Neymar who flopped like an overcooked piece of asparagus during that last Barcelona attack.
The Guardian
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I bet Neymar goes down holding his face when he gets poked on Facebook.

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There’s certainly no point in a subtle dig if Neymar’s reaction is exactly the same as wellying him in the kidneys
Mike Cormack - The Guardian
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A dive from Neymar goes unpunished by the official who has so far, when faced with a tight call, gone the way of Barca every time.
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It was definitely a yellow card. I deserved it
Andros Townsend - Spurs
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